Starting out nice and simple in the town of Fallcrest I plan to take my players on a trip around these exciting new lands to see what we will find out.

Following the new guideline of the 4Th edition I will build my world as a place with much wilderness and “unexplored” areas inhabited by different tribes or groupings of various monsters and NPC’s. As this is my first campaign in the new system and all of my previous campaigns have been set in the much explored setting of The Forgotten Realms it will represent a challenge to me creating all of these places and how they all fit together.

I welcome everyone to comment on the work as it unfolds and come with any ideas you might have that would improve my game and story. Local legends, storys, experience with corporations and governments, religious factions and different groupings will benefit me a lot in writing this story. So please drop anything in my comment box, be it url’s, book tip’s, international or local news, or an e-mail with som good story or idea you feel like sharing.

I’m starting out pretty easy with the “Kobold Hall” adventure written in the DM-handbook just to get the full grip of the 4Th edtition rules and introduce my players to the game, who are all brand new to rpg (well, some computer stuff but not the old school ways).

From there I think I will take them on a little journey to explore the political undercurrents of the world and different planes as well as the physical environment. The basic setting is the classic “good vs. evil” battle. Making the PC’s battle for the cause of good. But as we all know from our own multinational and international corporations there are always a bigger boss. So redirecting who is pulling the strings and who is really on which side of the battle will be a rather easy task. I hope I will be able to spur my players on to start asking a lot of questions like “who is really profitting from this” and help me by making up a lot of the stories and connections between the varying factions and NPC’s.

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